Most Georgia families cannot afford to pay for Nursing Home care for a lengthy period of time. With monthly Nursing Home costs of $6000 - $8000 per month, many middle class families worry that they will be bankrupted by the Nursing Home costs of a loved one. Medicare covers some Nursing Home care, but only a limited amount. For these reasons, many Georgia families turn to the Nursing Home Medicaid program to help pay the Nursing Home costs of a loved one. Most Georgia Nursing Homes participate in the Medicaid program, and Medicaid patients receive the same care as private pay patients.

Medicaid Planning

The Nursing Home Medicaid rules are numerous, complex, and ever-changing. We work within the Medicaid rules to create a Long Term Care Plan that takes into account each Client's anticipated care needs while also taking full advantage of permissible asset protection strategies.

It is never too late to plan. Even if no advance planning has been done, there are a number of Medicaid asset protection strategies that can be implemented just before an individual applies for Nursing Home Medicaid. In fact, there are a few asset protection strategies that can even be implemented after an individual is already on Medicaid.

Beware:  Don't try this on your own by gifting excess assets to family members or others before applying for Nursing Home Medicaid. With few exceptions, Medicaid penalizes applicants who have given away assets during the 5-year period preceding their Medicaid application – they are generally disqualified from receiving Nursing Home Medicaid benefits for a period of time based on the value of the assets given away.